From Louvre To Lambertville

By Janet Purcell | It’s not often a gallery in Lambertville has an exhibition of works by a living artist who has exhibited in Le Salon des Beaux Arts in the Louvre and the Grand

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I met painter Elena Bogatyr May 2016 during the 10-th International Contemporary Art Festival taking place at Manege Exhibition Hall in Moscow. I was immediately seduced by her artworks. Controlling very well the colors and

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Art Exhibit - May 2019
"Paris on the Delaware"

The DeBogat Art Gallery in Lambertville is celebrating its 20th anniversary with an exhibit of paintings by Elena Bogatyr, including thre that were exhibited in the December 2017/2018/2019  Salon des Beaux Arts exhibit at the Louvre in Paris.

This 20th anniversary exhibit is a great opportunity for visitors to this gallery in Lambertville to experience top-quality art that has been juried in and exhibited in the Louvre’s Salon des Beaux Arts not once, but three years in a row. And to enjoy another 60 works by this highly accomplished artist Elena Bogatyr.


DeBogat Art Gallery Exclusively Presents World Known Artist Elena Bogatyr in U.S.

Upcomming Museum Exhibits 2019/2020

Champs Elysees, Salon d'Automn, Paris, France
October 8-13, 2019
Salon d'Automne exist since 1903

Louvre, Salon des Beaux Arts, Paris, France
December 12-15, 2019
SNBA:Societe Nationale des Beaux Arts
Exist since 1663 - was annual Salon of the Royal Academy in the Louvre

Grant Palaise, Art Capital, Salon des Independents, Paris, France
February 11-15, 2020
Salon des Independants exist since 1884


Member of Association of French Artists, Paris, France
Member of Taylor Foundation, Paris, France since 2000
Member of Maison des Artister , Paris, France since 2000
Diplome and Medal/ Academy of Arts-Science-Litterature, Paris, France since 2011
Diplome of Mairien de Cesson Sevigne, Paris , France 2011
Diplome of Mondial Art Academia, Paris, France 2013
Academician of International Academy of Greci Marino , Verbano, Italy since 2011
Academician of Mondial Art Academia, Paris, France
  • Participant of Auction Drouotin Paris, France and Lausanne, Swetzerland 2007


Louvre, Paris, France
Salon of the National Society of Find Art 2017-2018, 2019

Grand Palaise, Paris , France 2015 - 2020

Salon ArtCapital, Paris, France 2015 - 2019

Cannes, Croisette, France
Salon of the Society of Independents Artists 2017

Moscow, Manez of Kremlin
Salon Vera 2016-2017

Monte - Carlo, Principality of Monaco
Salon Gemlucart 2018

And many more exhibits since 1998