Valeriy Belenikin



Valeriy Belenikin communicates in  is the language of narrative art, for his paintings often seek to tell a story. In Belenikin’s paintings you not only see art, but you are reading a work of art in the making: they do not have a traditional beginning, middle and end as has a novel. Rather, they focus on a particular moment in time, a situation or event. For Valeriy Belenikin art becomes inextricably entwined with life itself.

Valeriy Belenikin is a contemporary narrative painter who puts his own twist on what is often an old story of life, personal relationships, tension, difficulties in communication, human frailty, politics and the like. A voracious reader, he draws upon the classics as well as fairy tales to present his art. Although Belenikin comments on the modern world, he often does this by looking back in time, presenting his figures in dress, relationships and a life style from a more romantic and beautiful period of life.

Creativity flows from the hands of this artist. Often his works evoke a mood of fantasy. His technical skills are obvious. He is able to delicately recreate the human figure in intricate detail. But these are much more than meticulously prepared realistic paintings. This is narrative art at the highest level.

Belenikin relies heavily on symbolism to provide insights that help to shape an understanding of the world we live in. This is not “pretty” art. Rather it is art that requires concentration and thought. The artist relies heavily on allegory. His paintings represent a relentless intellectual inquiry into a wide range of personal and social issues. Although there is no single, fixed interpretation of a particular work of art, Valeriy Belenikin will be happy to provide great detail about his own interpretation.

Valeriy Belenikin paints in search of his own place in art history. His imagination is among the most active and vivid in today’s art community.

See if you don’t agree when surveying these works.

Frederick T. Dixon, PhD,
Art Collector and Critic